Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nice mention for book's research

Our book (available at Amazon) and research got a nice mention at this golf website. Here's an excerpt:

Some experts focus on conventional football statistics like: points tallied, points let, number of acquires, number of losses, turnovers, takeaways, yards derived, yards let, quarterback ratings, momentum, margin of victories, margin of losses and modern performances. And these measures are applicable

However, Dr. Granat and Carlton Chin show how moral toughness, training, leadership, focus, errors, social relationships, attitude, and ability to get into the zone lend to success in ample games. And they have nonverbal data which support many of their theories.

“I enjoy applying my approaches to the world of sports,” remarked Carlton Chin.

The new book, published by World Audience, Inc., is named Who Will Win The Big Game? 50 Characteristics of Champions. This easygoing to scan steer identifies the key mental and nonverbal issues that coaches, fans, team owners, sports executives, athletes and bettors necessitate to be consider when evaluating two top teams or two top athletes that are meeting in an ample game.

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