Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tennis Tips - Granat article

In one of his recent weekly columns for, "Who Will Win" co-author lists eleven tennis tips based on an interview with a tennis pro.  Here are some of those tips:

  • Many players need to shorten their backswing. A compact swing can reduce errors.
  • Players tend to not use their legs enough on their strokes. They play primarily with their arms. Macci suggests that players bend their knees as if they are about to sit in a chair and then push down and drive.
  • Players can get too excited on a volley and they tend to take a too large of a backswing on their volley. Remain calm at the net and use a short compact motion.
  • Weekend warriors abbreviate their follow through because they are afraid of hitting the ball out. They decelerate and stop the racket. Make a fluid full swing.
  • Many players do not toss the ball high enough on their serve. Macci reminds players that the service motion is a lot like throwing a javelin. You want to hit up and out at the ball. You need a high toss to do this well.

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