Sunday, August 14, 2011

On Numbers & Stats

Some interesting thoughts on statistics and some VERY useful quotes:

Use the Numbers, but triangulate your information.

Common sense can't be measured. One glance at Mark McGwire circa 1998 in an MLB uniform and even a child can surmise "This is a guy with some power". No one needed to look at the back of his baseball card to verify that. One buzz of a Nolan Ryan fastball in the dirt circa 1973 followed by one just as noisy up around your chin gives you an idea that it might be hard to get a hit that day. Extreme examples for sure, but you get the point.

Numbers can fool the eye but talent can be recognized VERY quickly by the experienced, trained eye. Ask the first casting director who got a peek at Halle Berry.,563,372,914,326,537,254.40123_(slightly_re-repeated_materials_enclosed)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quant Fact Predictions now 24-14

Just a quick update after the Wimbledon Women's Final quant fact prediction.  We had no official play on the Wimbledon Men's Final.  

Our book's blog's record in "quant fact predictions" now stands at 24-14, a solid record that is based on the quantitative analysis of "sports psychology" that can help sports organizations and fans gain an edge.  The statistics add several interesting angles to sports analytics -- and regularly picks underdogs.

Dr. Jay Granat, a sports psychologist, and Carlton Chin, a "quant" fund manager and MIT graduate --  study and quantify championship characteristics related to sport psychology.  They are particularly interested in qualities that are more readily coached, taught, and practiced.