Friday, September 21, 2012

Repeatability: Consistency, Athletes & Traders?!?

Here's an excerpt from an article we wrote that makes the analogy between systematic approaches that financial traders apply AND rituals or habits that athletes use (to improve repeatability, and consistency).

Interestingly, psychotherapist and founder of, Dr. Jay Granat notes that athletes use similar systematic techniques. Granat encourages his clients to come up with their own "ritual" to help with focus. This can take the form of tennis players bouncing the tennis ball three times before serving, or baseball batters taking several practice swings before each pitch, for example. 

In some ways, these rituals and habits are designed to improve repeatability -- and are an athlete's method of systematizing his or her approach.  Dr. Granat, who has worked with athletes of all levels, including Olympic gold medalists, has also worked with professional traders. 

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