Thursday, July 11, 2013

Andy Murray takes Wimbledon!

Less than a year ago, we had a popular post on our blog about Andy Murray's win at the U.S. Open -- and his relationship with new coach, Ivan Lendl.  The blog post talks about their relationship, Lendl's history -- and tennis tactics.

At the time, it appeared that Andy Murray had "gotten over the hump" -- and that perhaps the added confidence could take him to other Grand Slam titles.  Fast forward nine months -- and that is, indeed, the case.  This past week, Murray continued the stretch of confidence that has now brought him the Wimbledon crown -- and perhaps will challenge for the #1 spot in the tennis world.

Andy Murray's story is great for sports psychology and persistence -- and in particular, the power of:

  • Confidence,
  • Mental toughness, and
  • Coaching.

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