Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Square Pool Probabilities (NY Times)

If you are in a Square Pool, the New York Times published our Super Bowl Square Pool Probabilities last year (both online and "in print" on Super Bowl Sunday).  The charts show the probability of winning a Square Pool by quarter, based on the underdog and favorite.  To use the probability charts this season:
  • replace last year's underdog, the Saints with the Steelers, and 
  • replace the favorite, the Colts, with the Packers.  

Then, look up the numbers you received to view your chances of winning any particular quarter. 

Special thanks to Don LaFronz, a financial advisor and good friend, who originated the idea and helped devise the methodology.

Carlton Chin is a graduate of MIT and a fund manager at Adamah / CARAT Capital.  Jay Granat is a psychotherapist and founder of