Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Springing into the Baseball Season (NY Times)

The baseball season is ready to get underway and here is some fun analysis we did for spring training -- and what it might mean for the regular season.  (By Carlton Chin, Don LaFronz & Jay Granat; picked up by the NY Times; here's an excerpt).

Spring training is almost over and your team has been red hot. Or maybe your team has had a tough spring. But who cares? It’s just spring training, right? Do wins and losses during spring training mean anything? To answer that, we analyzed whether spring training is connected to performance during the regular season.
Data shows that spring training can be a leading indicator for regular-season performance. In fact, some big surprises are sometimes predicted by spring training results. 

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The article is by Carlton Chin, a fund manager for Adamah/CARAT and Don LaFronz, a financial adviser.  Jay Granat, a psychotherapist, contributed reporting.