Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quant Fact Predictions now 23-11

Since "Who Will Win the Big Game?" (A Psychological and Mathematical Approach) was published about a year-and-a-half ago, the book's analysis and "quant fact" predictions have made it into the NY Times and Wall Street Journal -- as well as other media outlets.

Jay Granat and Carlton Chin quantify key concepts of sports psychology -- and with the recent March Madness article in the New York Times -- the book's blog's predictions have now put together a 23-11 record.  The "quant facts" sometimes point to surprises and upsets, so the 23-11 record shows the importance of championship characteristics such as experience, leadership (both on the field and coaching), consistency, and minimizing errors.

Jay Granat, PhD is a sports psychologist and founder of StayInTheZone.com.  Carlton Chin, CFA, is a portfolio manager and quantitative researcher for Adamah Capital, a hedge fund specializing in alternative assets & Computer Aided Research & Trading (CARAT).  Jay and Carlton are particularly interested in certain factors that can be coached and practiced.  Their research has shown that these traits can help sports organizations improve performance -- and win championships.