Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pujols: One of the Best (Performances & Batters)

Albert Pujols has been big news in the 2011 World Series.  AND -- we are glad that Game 3's performance will go down in baseball history as one of the great World Series' performances in baseball history.  Pujols went with 5-for-6 with 3 HRs.

Here's a quick recap of the highlights:
  • Only player ever to compile 14 total bases in a World Series game.
  • 6 RBIs tied a World Series single-game record (Bobby Richardson, 1960; Hideki Matsui 2009)
  • 5 hits ties a record of 5 hits in a World Series game with Paul Molitor.
  • 4 runs scored.
  • 3 HRs (tying Babe Ruth & Reggie Jackson's single-game record).
  • St. Louis goes up 2-1 in the World Series, winning 16-7.
Below is a great article putting Pujol's performance in perspective, relative to other great World Series single-game batting achievements.

We are particularly excited about Albert Pujols gaining some recognition because in our book, "Baseball + Numbers = Fun & Games (Math & Ratings for Young Fans)" by Carlton Chin and Julia Chin (see below), my daughter and I rank Pujols amongst the all-time great baseball hitters.  Our book introduces baseball and math for young fans -- and includes several lists that may interest fans of all ages (all-time great baseball teams and batters).

We normalized statistics (including, for instance: league averages, peak years, era & level of competition), and ranked Albert Pujols as one of the best hitters in baseball history.  Our overall top 3 hitters:

  1. Ted Williams
  2. Albert Pujols
  3. Babe Ruth