Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quant Fact Predictions now 33-20 (62.3%)

After a slow start, Louisville won a relatively close game.  Our quant fact prediction for the NCAA Men's Basketball national championship game selected Louisville to win -- albeit in a close game.  This makes our quant fact predictions correct 62.3% of the time (33-20) -- since we started the book's blog several years ago.

Carlton Chin, CFA, is a quantitative researcher and portfolio strategist for Price Asset Management and Adamah Capital, a fund manager specializing in alternative assets & Computer Aided Research & Trading (CARAT).  Jay Granat, PhD is a psychotherapist and founder of  

Carlton and Jay are particularly interested in factors related to sports psychology -- traits that can be more readily coached and practiced.  Our research has shown that these traits can help sports organizations improve performance -- and win championships.